Great Tower Checklist

Below is a checklist to show some of the requirements a place must have in order to be the “great tower” from which the Jaredites came. If Gobekli Tepe meets a requirement, it gets a check mark. Maybe some day I’ll add some of the proposed Babylonian ziggurats to see how many (if any) check marks they would get…

The Jaredites’ great tower had:Ref.Gobekli Tepe had it?Source
status as world’s first known templeGen 11
construction before elephants went extinct in North America9:19
construction before horses went extinct in North America9:19
many people “scattered” and led away from it1:33
people already divided into tribes (brothers, friends, and their families)1:41
construction soon after a cataclysmGen 6-11
skull cult/severed heads8-9
location west of Mt. AraratGen 8:4, 11:2
writing that links it to the Tower of Babel (“gate of God”)link

For more about the Gobekli-Jaredite theory, go here.


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