Jaredite King Table

The Jaredite king list in a table with important events inserted. I’ll keep this updated as I learn more.

NameEther 1Ether 6-11of/by
Orihahson (1:32)son (6:14)Jared
Kibson (1:32)begat (7:3)Orihah
Shuleson (1:31)begat (7:7)Kib
Omerson (1:30)begat (8:1)Shule
Possible time gap? War and “destruction of nearly all the people of the kingdom” except 30 souls (9:12)
Emerson (1:29)begat (9:14)Omer
cattle, oxen, cows, sheep, swine, goats,  horses, asses, elephants, cureloms, cumoms (9:18-19)
Coriantum 1son (1:28)begat (9:21)Emer
cities first mentioned (9:23)
Com 1son (1:27)begat (9:25)Coriantum 1
Heth 1son (1:26)begat (9:25)Com 1
great dearth, no rain, people destroyed exceedingly fast, poisonous serpents… flocks flee south, many beasts die… famine kills Heth and his descendants… broken people (9:30-34, 10:1) 
Shezson (1:25)descendant (10:1)Heth 1
Riplakishson (1:24)begat (10:4)Shez
Riplakish’s descendants driven out of the land… “the space of many years” passes (10:8)
MoriantonDescendant (1:23)Descendant (10:9)Riplakish
Kimson (1:22)begat (10:13)Morianton
Levison (1:21)begat (10:14)Kim
Coromson (1:20)begat (10:16)Levi
Kishson (1:19)successor (10:17)Corom
Libson (1:18)successor (10:18)Kish
poisonous serpents destroyed (10:19)
Hearthomson (1:17)begat (10:29)Lib
Heth 2son (1:16)begat (10:31)Hearthom
Aarondescendant (1:16)begat (10:31)Heth 2
Amnigaddahson (1:15)begat 10:31Aaron
Coriantum 2son (1:14)begat (10:31)Amnigaddah
Com 2son (1:13)begat (10:31)Coriantum 2
Shiblon/Shiblomson (1:12)begat (11:4)Com 2
“wars and contentions … and also many famines and pestilences, insomuch that there was a great destruction, such an one as never had been known upon the face of the earth” (11:7-9)
Sethson (1:11)successor? (11:9)Shiblon/Shiblom
Ahahson (1:10)son (11:10)Seth
“[Ahah] did obtain the kingdom; … he did reign … all his days… he did cause the shedding of much blood; and few were his days. And Ethem, being a descendant of Ahah, did obtain the kingdom;” (11:10-11)
Ethemson (1:9)descendant (11:11)Ahah
Moronson (1:8)begat (11:14)Ethem
Coriantorson (1:7)begat (11:18)Moron
Etherdescendant (1:6)begat (11:23)Coriantor

More on the Gobekli-Jaredite Theory can be found here.


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