Here are links my posts about Adam. Was he the very first man on the earth? Or was he just a regular Homo sapien called to do a great work?


8 thoughts on “Adam

  1. I know where Adam & Eve’s Mummified Re-main’s are, I live just below them and have everything Scientifically Verified.


    1. I do believe in the Fall, but perhaps not in the way most people do. I think the Garden of Eden story is largely metaphorical/symbolic/mythological. That doesn’t mean I think Adam and Eve were a myth, but that perhaps their story got woven into mythological tales. I see the Garden of Eden as a story about our pre-mortal life where we all chose in some way to “Fall” down to earth and experience the messiness of mortal life. We all chose it, didn’t we–just as Adam and Eve chose it for themselves? There’s even a scripture where God says He gave mankind their agency “in the Garden of Eden”; and if you remember, in the Grand Council we all had agency and freedom to choose our path. Some interesting interpretations of the Fall include it being our ancestors’ transition from the fruitful trees to the meat-filled open savanna, and/or the transition from roaming hunter gatherers to sedentary farmers. All of these, including our birth here, were Falls from a higher, more blissful state to a lower, more telestial state. But those are my thoughts at the moment. What do you think about the Fall, Logan?


      1. Can’t say that I’m too sure right now… I feel that all the scriptures, O.T., N.T. BoM, and PoGP all seem to make it clear that this Fall happened, and the stories are for the most part syncronized in how it happened. I definitely believe in evolution, and it’s been hard for me to see how, with scripture, we can take a non literal standpoint. After Joseph Smith and the temple, we have 4 creation stories. And all seem pretty clear that a literal Fall happened. Going into Paul’s teachings, by one man all fell, and by Christ all are redeemed. I cannot seem to find an equilibrium in my mind, I’m not sure if I’m missing something. For that reason I thought I’d ask:) Thank you!


      2. I’m also thinking about the scriptures in D&C where the brethren have visions of the spirit world or celestial kingdom and see father Adam… It’s scriptures like those that make it seem like we must believe in a literal Adam and Fall, or else they wouldn’t have seen him… hope that makes sense as well!


      3. I agree that the revelations do heavily support a literal Adam, and I do think there was a literal Adam, but I don’t think the Garden of Eden story is 100% literal. I think one way to look at the Fall is us Falling from our premortal state to this earth. Adam and Eve, in this view, are showing us in the temple/Genesis drama why we all Fell—to experience joy, sadness, pain, etc—things necessary for our progression. With Falling comes the potential to rise even higher, hence we all Fell, IMO.


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