Days of Creation

Here you can find all the posts you need about the Days of Creation as found in our scriptures–what they were, what they may contain, and how they compare with science. Enjoy!

Creation Account vs Science: Overview

Do the events in the creation account in the scriptures line up chronologically with natural history? Yes… as long as you use the right account–i.e. the one in Abraham 4!

“Let Us Prepare the Earth”: Natural Selection in the Scriptures

Science tells us that plants and animals appeared through a process of evolution by natural selection. The Book of Abraham may be telling us the same thing… and the crazy thing is it did it first!

Day 1 (13.8–4.5 Ga)

Day 2 (4.5–4.4 Ga)


Day 3 (4.4–3.7 Ga)


Day 4 (3700–600 Ma)

Coming at some point…

Day 5 (600–66 Ma)


Day 6 (66–0 Ma)


The End of the Earth (~5 billion years in the future)

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